Agiledog: Dog Agility Training 
in the Triad

                                                Training Experience:


 Education (Seminars and Classes)

Winter 2002: Beginner Obedience Class at WSDTC (approx. 9 hours)

Spring 2004: Happy Hills Beginning Agility Seminar. (5 hours)

Summer 2004: Bon-Clyde "Prove-It" Agility Seminar. (3 hours)

2003-2005: Obedience and Agility Classes with 4H Dog Club.

2003-2005: Agility sessions with Natalie (Lewis) Mauchmar.

April 2010: Observed Intermediate and Advanced classes taught by Rhonda Carter. (2 1/2 hours)

June 10, 2010: Attended Intermediate/Novice prep class taught by Rhonda Carter at Bon-Clyde. (1 hour)

June 17, 2010: Attended Intermediate/Novice prep class and Competition II class taught by Rhonda Carter at Bon-Clyde. (2 1/2 hours)

June 19, 2010: Audited Webb Anderson "Agility Skills to raise your Q rate" Seminar. (5 hours)

July 2011-Current: Dog-Gone Fun daycare employee (job training skills and topics: dog socialization and understanding dog behaviors)

January 22, 2012: Semi-private with Natalie (Lewis) Mauchmar (1 hour)

January 31, 2012: Master's level class with Meagan Skelton (1 Hour)

February/March 2012: Beginner Obedience class at Dog Gone Fun (4 hours)

June 3rd 2012: Semi-Private lesson with Natalie Mauchmar (1 hour)

March 7, 2013: Masters jumper's seminar with Tracy Hirsch (2 hours)

March 13, 2013: International coursework class with Tracy Hirsch-Blinds/backsides (1 1/2 hours)

March 20, 2013: International coursework class with Tracy Hirsch- Ketschker turns (1 1/2 hours)

May 22, 2013: International Coursework class with Tracy Hirsch (1 1/2 hours)

May 31st, 2013: Audited Anna Eifert "young dogs" seminar (handling, theory, foundations)- approx. 7 hours

May 31st, 2013: 1/2 hour private lesson with Anna Eifert (international style jumping course)-1/2 hour

September 2013: Cynosport prep seminar with Tracy Hirsch (2 hours) 

December 2013: Jumping Seminar with Tracy Hirsch (1 1/2 hours) 

February 9, 2014: Dudley Fontaine Masters Seminar (3 1/2 hours)

March 26, 2014: Tracy Hirsch [drop in] International handling class (1 1/2 hours- Topic: "German turns") 

April 6, 2014: Private lesson with Natalie Mauchmar (1/2 hour- Topics: Coursework and rear cross drills) 

May 8, 2014: International workshop w/ Tracy Hirsch (2 hours)

June 2014: Dudley Fontaine Masters seminar (3 1/2 hours)

March 2014: Tracy Hirsch (1 hour semi private)- weave drills/international sequencing

May 2015: Foundation and Coursework Seminars with Natalie Lewis Mauchmar 

June 2015:  "Raise your Q rate" Seminar with Brian Ferrand

October 2015: Open/ Masters Seminar with Tracy Hirsch


Books and Magazines Read 

CleanRun Magazine subscription from January 2005 to December 2007, (& issues read between 2009 and 2014)

[Read various articles from Nancy Gyes (jumping skills/ "Up contacts"); Sylvia Trkman articles and dvds (Weaves, running contacts, cik/cap, balance, coordination and strength tricks); Daisy Peel on mental management), Linda Mecklenberg (Handling)]  

The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell

Introduction to Dog Agility by Margaret H. Bonham

In Focus Developing a Working relationship with your Dog by Deborah Jones, Ph.D and Judy Keller

Shaping Success The Education of an Unlikely Champion by Susan Garrett

Go the Distance A Workbook for Training Your Dog to Work Away by Bud Houston and Stacy Peardot

Clean Run Exercise Sourcebook Volume 1 and 2

Read January, March, May, October 2012 and February 2013 issues of Clean Run magazine

Read Control Unleashed

(Listened) Bad Dog Agility Podcasts (ep. 28 training with toys, ep. 25 Secrets to Superior Agility Performance part 1/2, ep.10 Training with food; training with a clicker)

February-April 2013: Subscribed to Agility Secrets (online classroom/forum)


2001-2007: Trained "Tucker" Obedience and Agility (approx. 2 hours/week).

Spring 2004: Agility demo at "Bark in the Park" in Winston Salem.

2005-2007: Taught Obedience and Agility classes to 4H dog club.

Winter 2005: Hosted Obedience trial for 4H dog club

 2006-2012: Trained Australian Shepherd "Bear" Agility -- requirement for Cadaver dog training (approx. 2-4 hours/month)

Spring 2009-Summer 2009: Trained Australian Shepherd "Sheila" in Agility

April 2010: Substitute taught two Beginner level Agility classes at Dog-Gone Fun. (2 hours)

June 2010: Worked with a puppy on Basic obedience.

June 2010: Substitute taught a Beginner level Agility class and an Intermediate level Agility class at Dog-Gone Fun. (2 hours)

April 2011: Participated in Lure Coursing fun day.

April 2011: Agility demo at Dog Day Afternoon.

Summer 2011- current: Trained Currie socialization skills and Agility (approx. 2 hours/week)

May 4th, 2013: Planned and participated in Agility demo for Canine Capers Fundraiser in Oak Ridge

September 29th, 2013: Helped plan an educational agility demo for Responsible Dog Ownership and Dog Olympics day at Miller Park in Winston Salem

June 2014: Triad Dog Games- hosted agility demos and competition (15 hours)

April 2014: Paws and Pints fundraiser: agility demos and Show n' Go 

Current Agility trainer at Dog-Gone Fun in Kernersville, NC.


Awards/Titles and Competition History: 

2014 U.S. Open 

-Finished 3rd in the Challenger round in the competitive 26" jump height 

-Games Challenge finalist and 17th place overall

-Consistently finished within the top 25-40% on individual runs including speedstakes overall


         2014 IFCS Continental Championships of America:

  -7th place overall in Biathlon-26"

-13th place in Individual Agility Standard-26"  


Mid Atlantic Agility Showcase and Regionals 2014: Finished 33rd in both Team Gamblers and Snooker (out of 82 dogs in the 22" class). Q/1st in competitive Masters Gamblers titling class. Q/18th place in Master Challenge Jumpers (out of 65 dogs in 22" class). Finished qualifications for the 2014 CCOA.


Cynosport World Games 2013: Currie finished within the top 50% in Steeplechase and Grand Prix Quarter finals. (A bobble kept us from making Steeplechase semis by just a few dogs. And two faults kept us from Grand Prix Semis). In the Biathlon, Currie also finished within the top 50% combined overall and in Master Challenge Standard she had 3 faults and finished 91st out of 283 dogs entered in the 22" class. She was running just 3-6 seconds slower than the top dogs. I'm very proud of her for listening, running fast and trying hard to focus in the exciting environment at her first Nationals.


April 2015: Q/1st in Masters Challenge Standard/Q and 1st in Steeplechase/Q and 2nd in Grand Prix/ Q and 1st Masters Gamblers/ Q and 2nd Masters Jumpers--qualified for Southeastern regionals and almost qualified for World Team selection event (USDAA)

 Q/1st in UKI Senior Gamblers- 26"

March 2015: Finished our Master Agility Dog title and Masters Snooker title.

February 2015: AKC!!! Q/1st T2B-26", Q/1st in Open Standard-26"

October 2014: Handful of Q's at local USDAA shows. Top 26" team dog at LCDA trial.

April 25-26, 2014: STP Q, finished AAD and ASA titles, Snooker Super Q/1st.  

March 21, 2014: FnF USDAA- Q/1st Advanced jumpers, Q/3rd Steeplechase. 

Finished both Advanced Jumpers title & Tournament Master title

March 15, 2014: Q/1st Masters Series Agility, Q/1st Novice Agility, Q/2nd Masters Series jumping, Q/1st Novice jumping at TW UKI. Currie finished 1st overall in the Masters Series, earning us a 26" bye to the Master Finals at the U.S. Open this fall. We also earned a bye for the national championship at the US open.

February, 2014: Experienced jumping 26" for the first time in competition. We had several mistakes causing an NQ weekend, but I'm thrilled with how well Currie handled the height. 

January 31-February 2, 2014: CPA USDAA- Q and 1st in Advanced Standard, Pairs, Jumpers AND Master Challenge Standard. Q and 2nd in Advanced Jumpers and Grand Prix. We are now qualified to compete at regional competition and planning to go to Mid-Atlantic Regionals in May in PA.

December 13-14, 2013: BRAC USDAA- Q and 1st in Advanced Gamblers, Q and 1st in Team Gamblers and Team Snooker, 1st in Team Relay and Q and 1st overall in DAM team

December 6-7, 2013: CPA USDAA- Q and 1st in Advanced Snooker, Q and 2nd in Advanced Standard, Q and 3rd in Rd.1 Steeplechase and 1st in Steeplechase finals!!! 

November 2, 2013: 1st and Q in Level 3 Standard (CPE) 

October 12th, 2013: 1st place and finished Agility Dog Title at Just Jump it in Reva, VA. (So close to a Q in MC Standard) 

September 13th, 2013: DAM team Q and 4th place with "The pinup girls" 

September 1st, 2013: 4th place and Q in Masters Challenge Standard. Q and 6th place in Steeplechase. 

August 31st, 2013: No Q's. Clean round with time faults in MC Jumpers (5th place).  

August 24th, 2013: 1st place and Q in Masters heat (Jumping round) earning a Bye into the finals of the Masters heat at the U.S. Open in November in Fletcher, NC 

August 11th, 2013: Starters pairs Q and 2nd place & NQ and 3rd place Starters jumpers-knocked bar

August 10th, 2013: Achieved final Cynosport Q. Steeplechase Q and 6th place! Also, we were clean with some time faults in MC Jumpers.

August 8th 2013: NA and NAJ titles (1st in standard and 2nd in JWW)

July 6th, 2013: Starters Standard Q and 1st place; Fast with two faults in Grand Prix- victory for us---her time was 38 seconds! 

July 5, 2013: Snooker SuperQ and 2nd place (with Natalie's dog Dori)

July 5, 2013: Steeplechase Q (and 7th place out of 20 something 22" dogs) with Currie 

June 30th, 2013: Grand Prix Qualifying score and 3rd place in competitive 22" class- one step closer to Cynosport 2013; Starters Jumpers Qualifying score and 1st place; clean on the Master Challenge course, but a second overtime (with Currie)

June 28th, 2013: NQ's but Currie running fast and was mostly clean on some tough USDAA courses 

October 12th, 2012: 2nd legs towards NA and NAJ titles. 1st place in both runs.

October 11th, 2012: Earned BID (Beginner International Dog) title in UK Agility International- Q and 1st in Beginners. Clean run and 1st place in Master's heat.

September 14th, 2012: USDAA Tournaments: No DAM team Q but we did get a Team Snooker Q and 3rd place and a Grand Prix Q (8th place). Just a few Q's away from 2013 nationals :) :) :) with Currie

August 9, 2012: AKC debut. Q and 4 points in Time to Beat ("13th place"), !st and Q in Nov. STD., and 1st and Q in Nov. JWW. (with Currie)

July 7, 2012: Earned A Q in USDAA Starters Standard, a Q/3rd place in Starters Gamblers, and a Q/1st place in Starters Snooker with Currie

May 12, 2012: Earned Qualifying scores in Level 3 Jumpers, Fullhouse, and Standard with Currie. (Two 1st places and a 2nd place.)-- finished requirements for Level 3 Jumpers--We are 2 Q's away from our first title!!!)

April 8, 2012: Earned qualifying scores in Level 3 CPE Agility in Standard, Jumpers and Wildcard with Currie. (Two 3rd places and a first place)

March 4, 2012: Earned 2 Qualifying scores in level 3 CPE Agility with Currie (2 firsts and a fourth place)

January 2012: Earned several legs in level 3 CPE Agility with Bear

November 2010: Earned CL2-H title with Bear in CPE Agility

October 2010: Earned NAC title with Bear. 

March 2009: Earned NJC title with Bear.

 2004-2007: Competed in NADAC Agility trials with Tucker.

2007-current: Competed in NADAC Agility trials with Bear.

Novemeber 2007: Competed in AKC Agility trial (earned one leg towards NAJ).

November 2007: Earned EAC, OCC titles with Tucker.

March 2007: Earned NAC, TG-N titles with Tucker.

2006-current: Earned several legs towards titles in NADAC Agility competition with Bear. 

October 2006: Earned NJC, WV-N and Novice Versatility Award with Tucker.

March 2006: Earned TN-N title with Tucker. 

June 2005: Earned NCC title with Tucker.

September 2005: Earned OAC title with Tucker.

2003-2005: competed in 4H Agility Trials with Tucker.

2001-2003:Competed in small dog shows throughout the triad, winning obedience, best trick, and agility classes with Tucker.

Current: Agility trainer at Dog Gone Fun in Kernersville, NC and competing in CPE, USDAA, AKC, and UKI with




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