Agiledog: Dog Agility Training 
in the Triad


Quotes If you are reading this because you think you might like to try agility, you've come to the right place. Ashley has been our agility instructor since we started taking lessons last year. She has worked with my Chihuahua, Gracie May, for less than a year and the results are amazing! Gracie May can be challenging at times but Ashley made sure I didn't give up. I took her to her first agility trial last weekend and we got 5 first place ribbons and a title in Standards!!! I never thought my little dog that growled at every dog she saw could go in an agility ring and perform like a pro! I just started my Rat Terrier in Ashley's Pre-Agility class and I'm so pleased with her progress. Whenever I have a question or concern, I can email Ashley and she's always quick to respond and provide lots of encouragement. You'll get a true professional and plenty of one on one time in all her classes. You won't be disappointed!!! Quotes
Melissa Liebhardt
Pleased Student

Quotes I was worried that my seven month old rescue puppy would be too young for agility classes but Ashley embraced us and encouraged us in every and each step through the classes. Thanks to Ashley's patience and knowledge my dog can now successfully "wrestle" all agility obstacles and he loves it. He is also more obedient. Ashley is a great instructor and I would recommend her agility classes to anyone who likes to be active with his or her four-legged child. Thank you, Ashley ! Quotes
Radka Heineman
Pleased student

Quotes What has been said about Ashley: She has been, and continues to be a wonderful instructor. Her guidance, patience, kindness and knowledge are superior. She always brings something new and challenging to the table each week. Quotes