Agiledog: Dog Agility Training 
in the Triad

                                     Ashley Allison and Her doggies


Currie (MAD, SM, ASA, TM, AJ, NAJ, NA, BID)

Competing in local, regional and national agility events and is titled in AKC, UKI, and USDAA

2014 U.S. Open 

-Finished 3rd in the Challenger round in the competitive 26" jump height 

-Games Challenge finalist and 17th place overall

-Consistently finished within the top 25-40% on individual runs including speedstakes overall

2014 IFCS Continental Championships of America:

-7th place overall in Biathlon-26"

-13th place in Individual Agility Standard-26"

-Qualified to compete at the Continental Championships of America 2014

-Qualified to compete in 2013 and 2014 USDAA Cynosport.

-Earned byes for the Master Final and National Championship Rd. 2 (26")  at the 2014 US Open

-Qualified to compete in the Master Final (22") at the 2013 US Open  

Bear CL2-H, NAC, NJC, 1 leg towards NAJ

R.I.P. You are missed very much sweet aussie boy!


Tucker EAS, OAC, OCC, NAC, NCC, NJC, TG-N, TN-N, WV-N (You are missed very much. You were a great little dog)


I have been involved in dog agility for 12 and a half years and have  been competing in the sport for the majority of the past 10 years. I started as a junior handler learning obedience, agility and general dog behavior from my local 4H dog club. My first dog was a  German Shepherd/Lab mix named Tucker who was titled in NADAC Agility and was the best friend I could have growing up.

The second dog I had experience training and competing with was an Australian Shepherd named Bear. His owner was working towards Cadaver dog certification with him and needed an agility component for his training, so that is where I came in. Bear truly loved the sport and went on to earn several titles for fun.

 In 2011, I adopted a Border Collie named Currie and I have been training her Agility, reinforcing obedience training & socialization skills. Agility is the perfect sport for her because it allows her to use her intelligence, endless energy and natural talents into something fun and constructive. She is my best pal and has accompanied me on some great adventures.

 Currie is currently competing at regional and national events and working towards Master level titles. We have goals of earning an ADCH title and maybe even trying out for world teams, for the fun of it. :)

The bonds I developed with Tucker, Bear and Currie through agility and time spent together I value immensely. 

 I use a method of training that is positive and builds the confidence of the dog. I train based on the individual dog's personality and strengths. I am always learning from people and dogs alike. I believe foundations can go a long way in dog training, and it is never too late to start from the ground up.

I offer Beginner Agility, and more advanced level Agility classes at Dog Gone Fun in Kernersville, NC.  Dog Gone Fun is convenient to Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem. The facility is fully fenced and lit (for evening classes).

Dog Gone Fun link:

Dog-Gone Fun

 Ask me about "Agility Day School." This is an opportunity to drop your dog off at Dog-Gone Fun for boarding or daycare and during their stay your dog will receive agility training from the instructor (me). This is perfect for the overly-energetic dog or a dog that needs some extra agility practice during the week. It is also great for people that want to begin agility training, but might not have a lot of time in their schedule. Agility Day School is offered for brand-new, beginner, intermediate, and advanced level agility dogs.

Classes offered year round at Dog-Gone Fun in Kernersville, NC







If you are interested in taking a private lesson or a group lesson please contact me at [email protected]